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Wall painting branding, also known as wall painting advertising, is a traditional method of product promotion. Wall painting advertisements typically entail painting product information, product images, the endorser’s or brand ambassador’s image, the product’s tagline, the dealer names where the product is available, and so on on a large wall where the advertisement is visible to passers-by.
We are a reputable wall painting advertising agency in India – Brand Profesor. With us, you can have the best painting teams around the country for wall painting advertising, to increase awareness, better visibility, and cost savings.

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Wall Painting advertising agency

End-to-end services: We don’t do things in bits and pieces. We believe in providing a one-stop-shop for all of our customers’ digital wall painting advertising needs.

Advertising Staff that is Customer-Friendly and Prompt: Our employees are our greatest asset and play a critical role in our overall success. They are customer-oriented, prompt, and knowledgeable advertising professionals who care deeply about customer satisfaction.

Advertisement Rates for Digital Wall Paintings: We provide cost-effective services with the goal of establishing long-term relationships with our clients.
Digital Wall Painting That Is Both Eco-Friendly and Long-Lasting Advertisement: Our digital wall paintings are made without PVC, are UV resistant, rain resistant, and are environmentally friendly.
Ability to Advertise Your Brand in Multiple Locations: Our contacts and network enable us to advertise your brand in multiple locations throughout the city. As a result, when you use Brand Profesor, you get the best possible advertising results in your target market.
We have painted over 1 crore square feet of walls for a variety of well-known brands. We have several teams that work together to complete wall painting projects quickly and efficiently. Wall Painting for uniform designs across all walls is done using scientific methods and computerized stencils. To extend the life of the wall painting, we use high-quality paints such as Asian paint, Nerolac, and Burger Paints. Our expert teams will work with you to ensure that everything is done according to your specifications. We’ve given up on painting teams that were supposed to complete 10 lakh square feet of wall painting in a month.
Wall painting is the most cost-effective and cost-effective method of promoting and increasing product awareness in both rural and urban markets. Clients can display detailed information about the product offered by using wall painting. In the rural market, it is extremely effective.

Wall Painting Display Options for Promotions

1. Painting on a Rural Wall

Painting on various walls in rural areas of the country is known as rural wall painting. Vibrant colors are used in rural wall paintings to ensure maximum visibility and brand recognition. Furthermore, the advertisements are designed and painted to appeal to the rural population and to reflect their needs, thereby enhancing the company’s rural branding.

2. Urban Wall Painting

Advertising on urban walls is a popular method of wall painting branding. It entails promoting brands, products, and services across the country’s urban areas by painting walls. Urban wall painting advertising necessitates quick execution to ensure competence, branding in prime city locations and ensuring that the advertisement is as visible and eye-catching as possible to attract the attention of the busy urban crowd.

3. Highway Wall Painting

Highway wall painting, as the name implies, is another effective form of advertising that targets onlookers travelling on highways and roads. It entails painting murals on building walls, compounds, office walls, company walls, and other surfaces adjacent to the highway and close enough to create visibility.

4. Dealer Shop Wall Painting

A traditional form of advertising is dealer shop wall painting. It entails painting the brand’s name, logo, colours, and tagline on the dealer’s shop’s shutter. It works in a variety of ways. First, it raises brand awareness, promotes the dealer’s shop, and raises brand visibility by informing prospects about the dealer’s presence in their city.


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Wall Painting Advertising options

Make uniform designs with stencils.
Quality Assurance.
Use high-quality paints that increase colour sharpness and last a long time.
Make the claim that you are exactly the right size.
Painting on high-visibility walls is a good idea.
Maintain a strict wall painting ratio.
1. Low Raise Wall Painting
2. High Raise Wall Painting
3. Digital Wall Painting

A bright, attractive, and prominently displayed digital wall painting advertisement grabs the attention of passers-by and provides your brand with the exposure it requires. Digital wall paintings are superior in terms of quality and ease of use to traditional painted advertisements, which take time to create and require a larger workforce and other resources to complete.

There are several advantages to using digital wall paintings. Aside from their prominence and visibility, digital banners are simple to create and instal. They can be displayed on uneven or rough surfaces, which is not the case with traditional paintings, which take time to paint on stony or uneven surfaces.

Digital wall paintings can also be applied to doors, windows, glass, wood, containers, and shutters. Because you can post the ad almost anywhere, this helps you increase brand visibility. Again, digital wall painting is cost-effective because digital wall painting rates are competitive, owing to the lower workforce and training that the agency must provide to the concerned employees.

Another advantage of digital wall painting advertising is its visibility. Because everything is digitally printed and then installed on the surface, the text is clearly visible and without ambiguity. In comparison to traditional wall paintings, where the ad fades over time, digital wall painting prints are durable enough to withstand harsh weather, proving to be a long-term advertising medium.

We are a group of enthusiastic advertising professionals known as Brand Profesor. We have the necessary marketing skills, digital wall painting marketing resources, and a working knowledge of various digital painting techniques. These factors aid in the enhancement of the digital ad’s appearance, and thus prove more effective in terms of providing your brand with the promotional edge it requires.

We provide digital ads across India in a variety of digital wall painting sizes, making us a full-service advertising company. Our experts provide end-to-end advertising services, which include choosing the right size and material for your budget, painting, printing, and posting it across your target regions and on various surfaces to ensure maximum brand exposure.

There are several advantages to using Wall Painting Ads

Many well-known global brands use the wall painting brand as well. On rural and urban walls, global beauty products, cement brands, real estate companies, automobile brands, and other businesses advertise their products and services. This demonstrates the importance and popularity of wall painting advertisements in the advertising world. The following are some of the advantages of using Brand Profesor for wall painting advertising.
* Wall paintings are eye-catching and appealing.
* Advertisements on the walls help to raise brand awareness.
* The advertisement is distinguished by the use of vibrant and gleaming colours.
* The advertisement is visible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It creates a sense of repetition.
* The brand’s visibility remains constant.
* No other brand has a presence on the wall. It is solely yours until your advertisement is removed.
* Appropriate placement can help increase brand visibility and generate more leads.

Process of Wall Painting - Brand Promotion and Advertisements


Select the Location per area – Example: Mumbai – 50k sqft


By speaking with respected wall owners and obtaining permission, we will choose the best locations to reach the target.


Training the painters to reach the targets in the given time scale


We take the artwork from the client and start the task by printing the stencils.

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