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Newspaper advertising accounts for the majority of the total marketing budget. Display  and classified ads are the most common types of advertisements in newspapers. Newspaper ad rates are determined by the readership and page number. FrontPage command a higher price than standard newspaper ad rates. The classified advertising in the newspaper is for small businesses. Classified ad are less expensive to advertise than display ads. In India, most newspaper ads are sold through a newspaper advertising agency. In India, the INS is a recognized authority for newspaper advertising firms.


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Newspaper advertising options

Display ad, classified ad, and innovative newspaper ad are the three sorts of ads that can be seen in newspapers. Small advertising that is grouped together distinguishes classified ad. They are generally marketed on the newspaper’s left-hand side.

Matrimonial ad, property ad, recruitment ad, business ad, announcements, public notices, services ad, obituaries, astrology ad, and education ads are among the various advertising sub-sections in classified advertising. Newspaper classified ads can be either plain text (Classified Text) or image-based (Display Classified Ads).

Classified advertising appears on The Times Of India’s classified pages and can include graphics. For these adverts, the newspaper advertising tariff is determined per square cm. The Times Display classified ad’s minimum ad size is 3×5 cm.

The cost of newspaper advertising on a card and the discounted rate are determined by the following factors:

Newspaper readership refers to the number of people who read a newspaper. The bigger the number of readers, the higher the price.

Page position – Advertising rates are higher on the front and first pages of newspapers than on the inside pages.

The size of the ad is measured in volume. Larger orders receive higher discounts.
Advertisers must submit their ads to the newspaper advertising agency in PDF format. The CMYK colour scheme is used in the newspaper ad format.
The following is a list of the most widely circulated newspapers in India.
The following is a list of the most popular newspapers in India for advertising:
Newspaper Name Language
1 The Times of India English
2 Hindustan Times English
3 The Hindu English
4 The Telegraph English
5 Dainik Bhaskar Hindi, Gujarati
6 Aaj Hindi
7 Dainik Jagran Hindi
8 Sakal Marathi
9 Daily Thanthi Tamil
10 Eenadu Telugu
11 Malayalam Manorama Malayalam
12 Prajavani Kannada

Advertisement size and format in newspapers

While the exact size of a newspaper ad varies depending on the publication, the following list of newspaper ad sizes will give you an idea of square centimetres. This table also lists the many sorts of adverts that can be seen in newspapers.
Ad type Dimension (in sq cm)
1 Full Page Newspaper ad 1760
2 Half Page Newspaper ad 825
3 Quarter Page Newspaper ad 400
4 Sky Bus Newspaper ad 165
5 Jacket Newspaper ad 3520

The most common ad that we encounter is the second category of commercials, known as display advertisements in newspapers. They are also known as normal newspaper advertising or print newspaper advertising. These newspaper ads come in a variety of sizes, and the cost of newspaper advertising is determined by the size of the ad.

As a result, a half-page ad will cost more than a quarter-page ad. Full-page ads, half-page ads, and quarter-page ads are the most common newspaper advertising options.

Outside of display ads and classifieds, the third category of Innovative Newspaper advertising comprises advertising options. These ad alternatives are more expensive than standard advertising rates. Pointer ads, Ear Panels, samplings, and Newspaper Jackets are all examples of unique advertising alternatives in newspapers.


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Newspaper advertising has a number of advantages.

The most common advertising format among all accessible media is newspaper advertising. We can discuss a few advantages of advertising in newspapers based on our experience as a leading newspaper advertising firm. Among all advertising options, newspaper advertising has one of the lowest costs per reach. The cost per reach is derived by dividing the newspaper advertising charge by the number of people who read the newspaper. Advertising in newspapers allows one to reach a big number of people who read newspapers. Because of the low advertising charge, newspaper reading in India is still expanding, and it remains one of the cheapest advertising possibilities.
Localization is another big benefit of newspaper advertising. Local businesses can use newspapers to advertise and reach out to a city’s population at the lowest possible cost. Large brands use newspaper advertising for long-term brand building at a low advertising cost, while small brands and SMEs utilise it to advertise their products locally at a cost-efficient low advertising rate. Announcements, new product launches, and sales ads are all popular in newspaper advertising. Brands can also add credibility to their image by advertising in newspapers.

News Paper Ads

Newspaper advertising rates are expressed in terms of per square centimetre. For example, if the rate card for a Newspaper ad says Rs 100, it signifies that it costs Rs 100 to book one square cm of space in the Newspaper. The amount of money saved on a newspaper card depends on the size of the ad, the number of inserts, and the product category.

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