Digital Signage


Presenting Innovative Digital LED Displays.

Digital Signage Display

An effective communication medium at Hotels, Malls,  Supermarkets, Hospitals, Metro stations, Airports, Bus Stations  and many other public places .

Content is updated and broadcast in real time.

Dynamic Visuals are a great way to get people’s attention.

Branding and consumer involvement that has an impact Enables vivid, interesting, and compelling communication that has an impact on purchasing and other decisions

Reduce Costs of printing, distribution, and tracking

Rapidly test and adapt marketing and advertising initiatives.

Stay up to date, relevant, and trendy.

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Display Features
Digital Signage Display – The frame is made of Aluminium and is safely curved at the corners. The glass is tempered to prevent scratches and is fracture resistant.

Digital Signage Display – Light disturbance is reset, and the optic fiber is adequately protected.

Digital Signage Display – The light attenuation prevention circuit efficiently protects against performance degradation caused by extended periods of operation.

Digital Signage Display – Automatic color and image improvement engine improves image contrast, details, colour, edges, and other aspects to restore real colour and fill color.

Digital Signage Display – Beautiful and abundant user interface, simple interactive operation, compatibility with various gesture programmes, Windows OS recognition, and synchronized editing support

Digital Signage Display – It can be used on a LAN/Wifi network, in the cloud, or through USB.

Connect Via USB
There is no need for an external connection because the device has an operating system built in. Copy and paste content from a pen drive directly into the display.

USB The software is a free lifetime subscription that can be used from a short distance. There are three alternatives available. –

OS7 comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB of storage.

OS9 (4GB RAM/32GB Storage) (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth)

OS9 (4GB RAM/64GB Storage) (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth)

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digital infotainment system
Connect Via Cloud Software
Have absolute control over your advertising campaigns on our Digital LED Display Systems  with our Cloud.

Cloud software comes with an annual subscription, which can be operated from any corner with an Internet  connection.

Change images and videos in one click, schedule and re-schedule your ads frequently, customise and optimise ad compositions on screen based on spends etc

Cloud Features
Operate multiple displays per login, Smart Split Screen, divide and optimize Information display space on the screen

Play Video with Audio, Static Images & Text scrolls seamlessly at the same time.

Asset management change Videos, Images & Text scrolls in one click

Schedule your content and run them as per plans ( up to 3 months) on screen

Reports get all kinds of reports for analysis and action

Worldwide operation through our cloud

Run Apps HTML inputs, Weather Reports , Scrollers, Digital Clock

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Types of Digital Displays for Advertisements

Size - 43 inches

Display Size – 18.75″ * 34.5″

Enclosure Size – 23″ * 68″


Size - 50 inches

Display Size – 24″ * 43″

Enclosure Size – 28″ * 70″


Size - 55 inches

Display Size – 24.5″ * 44.75″

Enclosure Size – 31″ * 70″


Size - 65 inches

Display Size – 32″ * 56″

Enclosure Size – 36″ * 70″

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Installed Especially for Furniture showrooms, Branded Showrooms, Commercial Vehicle Showrooms, Hi Tech International Schools, Universities, Education Institutions, Star Hotels , Restaurants, Mobile & Furniture Showrooms

Size - 24 inches

Display Size – 11.5″ * 20.5″

Enclosure Size – 14.75″ * 27″


Size - 32 inches

Display Size – 15.75″ * 27.5″

Enclosure Size – 20″ * 34″


Size - 43 inches

Display Size – 18.75″ * 345″

Enclosure Size – 23″ * 39″


Size - 50 inches

Display Size – 24″ * 43″

Enclosure Size – 28″ * 47″

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