Road Shows Advertising in India

In metropolitan and rural areas, Road Shows are the most common and convenient means of Brand Promotions to the masses. The most populous country on the list is India, with a population density of 171.9 people per square mile. In comparison, the population density in the United States is 13.5 people per square mile. Over 85% of the cities on this list are in Asia.

Outdoor or out-of-home advertising includes Road Shows (OOH advertising). Road Show branding is defined as the use of Vans and Trucks to promote a specific brand or service.

Various brands from various industries are now using roadshows to promote their products and services. In a moving crowd, it is both cost-effective and visible to a wide range of audiences. We can use a variety of promotional activities to get the crowd involved in the canter.

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Roadshows – Brand Awareness & Advertisements agency

With over 15 years of experience in the advertising sector, Brand Profesor is a pan-India marketing and advertising agency for all advertising projects. In India, we are well-known for our Road Show Advertisements and Brand Promotions and Awareness. We recognise the value of branding and advertising, and we can help you present your best self to potential masses and gain an advantage over your competition by providing you with unique tailor-made solutions on Road Shows in India.

Roadshows – Brand Awareness & Advertisements options

1. Canter Activity

2. Mini Truck Road Show

3. Tata Ace Activity

4. L Shape Canter/Tata Ace LED Display

5. Moving Stage Canter-Road Show


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There are several advantages to using Roadshows advertising.

Roadshow advertisements have been around since ancient times, starting with bicycles, rickshaws with microphones, and now with the use of energy, we promote a variety of products.

REACH & DIVERSE AUDIENCE – The first and most important reason for Road Shows is its reach. All of the people gathered along the route will at least glance at the moving advertisements. The main agenda item is brand awareness.

HIGH EXPOSURE – Consumers are exposed to an advertised brand for a longer amount of time due to traffic jams, traffic signals, as opposed to other mediums that only play advertising for a limited time. Because of the significant exposure, the consumer’s mind is instantly drawn to the advertised brand when making a purchase.

COST-EFFECTIVE – Road Show branding, unlike cab branding in India, is a particularly cost-effective outdoor advertising medium since the brand is on the move, covering numerous areas, including outside city limits, a diversified audience, and different hours for a lengthy period of time.

EYE-CATCHING – Whether on Trucks or Vans, the advertisements are usually huge, beautiful, and colourful, attracting more attention than hoardings and billboards positioned above eye level.

If done correctly, Roadshow branding may have a huge impact on sales, brand awareness, and brand memory for any product or service. A firm that wants to reach the masses should use Roadshows. Road Shows is a type of covert advertising in which the advertisements blend in with the consumer’s daily routine rather than interrupting it.

Process Of Road Shows


Select the “Media” option. This might be the Canter or the Tata Ace


Confirm the Route and Target days of activation


Choose the Type of Activation on which areas to target.


Design the artwork in AI, EPS or CDR Format.


Upon confirmation of availability from our end, you need to submit the artwork and make the payment.

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