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Hoarding Advertising in INDIA

Outdoor billboards is one of India’s fastest-growing advertising mediums (second only to digital). Since 2014, OOH has grown at a 14 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Billboards investment in outdoor advertising is predicted to rise 20% this year. Popular businesses like retail, telecom, real estate, and the government and political parties continue to spend a lot of money. Several start-ups have attempted to profit from the popularity of outdoor hoardings in recent years.


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Out-of-home advertising (OOH) – Hoardings is advertising that is displayed outside of a customer’s house.

We deal with Hoardings, Outdoor Billboards, Bus Shelters, Gantries, Road Medians, and all other feasible Out of Home choices as a professional Outdoor agency in India. We promise the finest rates for all your Outdoor needs after serving several consumers across the country. Our free online planning tool helps us to understand the client plan for the Hoarding Campaign. Throughout the campaign, all campaigns are monitored to verify that the planning is carried out according to the established schedule

There are several options for obtaining a plan for your hoardings requirements in India. The traditional procedure entails gathering a list of hoardings in a specific area, doing reconnaissance, and then picking the best solutions based on your needs. Instead, you can contact us and tell us about your needs to acquire a strategy right away. Planning, on-the-ground survey, selection of the correct hoardings, purchasing at the right rate, printing the branded material, mounting, and monitoring are all part of the OOH process. To guarantee that the campaign is implemented flawlessly and efficiently, our Outdoor planning team in India uses specific tools for each of these processes.

Hyperlocal targeting can also be aided by ads on billboards and bus shelters in specific localities.

In India, what are the advantages of Hoardings – outdoor ads?

Because of the following reasons, outdoor ads is one of the most popular ads options in Indian cities:

Cities in India have some of the slowest moving traffic. Advertisers have a lot of time and opportunity to catch commuters’ attention by placing ads on hoardings, unipoles, bus shelters, and skywalks.

Innovative creativity may be developed for bus shelters and hoarding advertisements to make them stand out.

Outdoor ads, unlike other forms of ads, cannot be turned off, modified, skipped, or blocked.


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Rates for Hoardings - Outdoor Advertising

Location: Outdoor advertising charges differ not only between cities, but also between neighborhoods within a city. Hoardings in high-traffic or high-footfall areas are more expensive.

Hoardings are more expensive than bus shelters and subway pillars.

Large hoardings are more expensive than medium and small billboards.

The visibility of some hoardings is greater than that of others. These hoardings have higher advertising rates than ordinary hoardings.

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