3 thoughts on “Expos in Delhi

  1. Shoeb says:

    Mobile India Expo 2022
    Went to attend international trade fair 2021. It’s way impressive. If you want to level up your curiosity must go and enjoy.
    Enjoy your day and don’t forget to bring water and lunch as the price of food is quite expensive. There are more than 5 halls. So, don’t waste too much time exploring single things.

  2. vijay says:

    Garment Technology Expo
    Very big space. Beyond imagination. Multiple entry exit. Many important and popular events take place here. Very good management for crowd control.

  3. Rehan says:

    Garment Technology Expo
    NSIC Exhibition Ground– EXPOS IN DELHI
    The Garment Technology Expo is a must attend for all textile designers and fashion designers as the event exhibits purest and unique raw materials creations from different parts of the world

  4. Mujeeb says:

    Convergence India 2022.
    It is india’s foremost Technology Show. The expo brings together the latest technological innovations and trends from the telecom and mobile industry, information technology, and security, broadcast and digital media, as well as emerging technologies and enterprise

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