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One of the most exciting new advertising options is cinema advertising. The cinema has one of the lowest advertising rates of any non-traditional medium. While cinema advertising in India has a nearly 30-year history, it has just recently become popular among advertisers. Advertising at theatres is popular with both big and small businesses. PVR Cinemas, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival Cinemas, Sathyam Cinemas, DT Cinemas, and Wave Cinemas are some of the more well-known multiplex movie chains. Advertising in single-screen cinemas is an excellent way to reach out to rural audiences.

Brands can reach out to media dark spots where other media vehicles do not reach by advertising in cinemas. We have received advertising rate cards from over 8000 cinema screens. The cost of cinema advertising is determined by the theater’s location, seating capacity, and brand. The cost of advertising in a single screen theatre is usually less than the cost of advertising in a multiplex cinema. Cinema advertisements can be displayed on screens or in theatre complexes. Offline Cinema Advertising refers to the latter type of cinema advertising. Slide on the screens, videos on the displays, and cinema branding throughout the cinema complex are all popular cinema advertising media alternatives.

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Advertising Rates in Cinema Screens

Advertisement rates The type of cinema screen, the number of seats, the cinema’s location, and the cinema’s brand are all factors to consider while choosing a cinema. The cost of cinema advertising for a multiplex is typically higher than for a single screen. A cinema advertising rate card is available at most theatres. Cinema advertising agencies such as Brand Profesor offer discounted pricing for cinema advertising. The cost of advertising in a theatre varies depending on whether you use slides or video to advertise. The price of cinema advertising is also determined by the length of the video adverts.

The card costs for on-screen theatrical advertising are always quoted for a week.

Every show features your advertisement. The advertising charge for offscreen theatre advertising is usually for a month.

Media Options to advertise in Cinema Screens

Onscreen and offscreen cinema advertising are the two types of cinema advertising available. In cinemas, advertisements are shown either before the start of the film or during the intermission. Ad charges are the same whether they are shown during the intermission or before the movie starts.

There are four different ways to advertise on the big screen in a movie theatre:

1 On-Screen 10-sec mute Slide Within 10 seconds, static slides with 2–3 transitions.
2 On-Screen 10 sec Audio Slide Static slides with two three transitions in under 10 seconds.
3 Off-Screen Branding Kiosk and Posters
4 On-Screen 60 sec Video 60-sec video played on screen
5 On-Screen 30 sec Video 30-sec video played on screen

6 ActivationLaunch, Sampling, pamphlet distribution and ticket jackets


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Advertising in Cinema:  Timeline

Only on Fridays does a cinema advertising campaign begin. In a few rare situations, it may begin on a day other than Friday. The ad must be submitted to the cinema advertising agency at least one day ahead of time. Ads are usually played starting with the second show on Friday. There may be a surge of cinema advertisements in the case of blockbuster releases. In such instances, your ad would be played three times per day rather than four.

Cinema Screen Advertising Ad Format

Cinema Chain Format
1 PVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Wave, Cinemax and most multiplexes J2K
2 UFO Cinema Screens UFO
3 Qube MOV
Cinema Advertisements and.jpeg formats are accepted by advertising agencies. Specialist J2K convertor agencies can convert them into cinema ad formats once they’ve been shared with the advertising agency. The cost of converting a movie format to J2K is a factor to consider. For on-screen advertising, the cinema slide size should be 2048 x 858 pixels. Please use a 300 dpi or greater image quality.

Cinema Advertising Censor Certification

Any video commercial that is shown in a cinema must get a censor certificate. You can either apply for a censor certificate yourself or have it done for you by your cinema advertising agency. For cinema advertising, your agency may charge you a censor certification fee.

Evidence of Execution for Cinema Promotions

The advertising is given inspection passes by the theatres. These can be used to examine the ad that is currently playing in the cinema. Pictures are offered as proof of execution for off-screen cinema advertising choices.

Advertising in Cinema Has Its Benefits

1. A enormous cinema screen gives the message a larger-than-life effect. An advertisement can speak to more senses of a viewer than print or radio because video and slides with audio can be played. Cinema advertising is equivalent to television advertising in terms of creative freedom.
2. The audience is enslaved and unable to alter the channel or page. The likelihood of a spectator seeing an advertisement on a movie screen is higher than any other media.
3. Cinema, with its vast localised reach across India, is well suited to reaching out to both tiny geographic areas and the entire country.
4. Theatre advertising has a lower cost per reach than other non-traditional advertising methods.

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