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Metro Rail branding solutions are one of the newest innovative media solutions to emerge in the world of advertising. Metro rails, or Metros as they are more commonly known, are high-speed public transportation systems. You can advertise your brand both in Metro stations and on the Metro Rails when it comes to Metro Advertising. For all of these options, a creative media agency like Brand Profesor can assist you in approaching your preferred Metro service provider, creating artwork, and obtaining Metro Advertising offers, allowing you to execute your campaign at a significantly lower cost.

Why advertise on India’s metros?

After public buses, autos, and taxis, India’s urban population relies on Metros to get around the city in a convenient manner. Metros are primarily used by young people between the ages of 15 and 50. This exposes your brand to the most enthralled audience, allowing your message to reach a wide range of people. Metros are densely populated by working-class people who have a large social media following, which is beneficial to your brand and aids in expanding your reach.

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Metro Advertising’s Benefits

Footfalls in some metro stations in the country exceed 10 lakh per day, indicating a very broad reach.

A+ and A travellers in the SEC.

Minimum Dwell Time: Every 4-10 minutes, a train arrives at each station.

Improved Brand Recall- Metros are frequently used by every day (frequent) travellers, resulting in an increase in brand recall.

Metro station branding, metro rail branding, and metro advertising are available in the following Indian cities:

Mumbai Metro

No. of daily travellers-150,000

No. of stations- 12

Kochi Metro

No. of daily travellers-30,000+

No. of stations- 16

Chennai Metro

No. of daily travellers- 55,000+

No. of stations- 26

Bangalore Metro ( Namma Metro)

No. of daily travellers- 440,000+

No. of stations- 40

Jaipur Metro

No. of daily travellers- 20,000+

No. of stations- 9

Delhi Metro

No. of daily travellers- 2,760,000

No. of stations- 236

Kolkata Metro

No. of daily travellers-700,000+

No. of stations- 24

Hyderabad Metro

No. of daily travellers- 200,000+

No. of stations- 40

Gurgaon Metro

No. of daily travellers- 75,000+

No. of stations-11

Lucknow Metro

No. of daily travellers- 10000+

No. of stations- 8


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Advertising on Metro Rail: Advertising can be wrapped around the bogeys of a metro train, on the panels inside the handlebars, and above and on the sides of seats and partitions.

Advertising in Metro Stations: Advertising in Metro Stations can be done on LED screens, display boards, and as standees.

Steps in the Metro Advertising/ Metro Branding Execution Process:

Step 1: Choose the type of media you want to advertise on, the dates of your campaign, and the length of time you want your advertising activity to last. Do you require assistance with your planning? Please contact us at if you have any questions.


Media Option – Standees

Number of Units – 10

Campaign Duration – 1 Month/ 2 Months/ 3 Months

Campaign Start Date – 1st Mar/ 15th Apr/ 20th May

Step 2: Send the completed table to or call us at +91 9901119191 for more information.

Step 3: We will notify you once we have checked for ad space availability and offers on metro advertising.

Step 4: To get started, submit your artwork and make a payment to book your campaign.

A Metro Advertising Agency - Brand Profesor

Do you want your ad to appear on the city’s fast-moving Metro rails? As you advertise on Metro, establish yourself as a high-end brand and target your preferred premium audience. Brand Profesor is known as a dedicated metro branding and metro advertising agency because we offer our clients the best and most affordable Metro rail advertising rates. We have a partnership with all of India’s metro stations. Are you looking for the most affordable and effective metro advertising rates? Here at Brand Profesor, you’ll find the best deals and campaign ideas. Send us an email at, or give us a call at +91 9901119191.

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