SMS and Email Marketing social system

Email marketing is the right way to communicate with customers for companies worldwide. Email marketing is a tried-and-true platform with greater world accessibility than any other medium, whether it be logins, notifications, promotions, password resets or policy updates.

Email marketing is, however, only one part of our customer experience.

Regardless of who you are attempting to contact or where you are, a robust SMS API is now available for completing your customer commitment package.

SMS alone is a powerful tool that enables companies to send their customers concise and timely messages. In combination with Email marketing, the two create an efficient, reliable, scalable and quite a powerful customer communication experience.

SMS and Email marketing are necessary

Consumers have different preferences when it comes to business communications. Our Global Messaging Engagement Report for 2020 shows that people across generations and across borders prefer e-mail and SMS communications. That’s why both text messages and Email marketing are worth placing in your toolset.

The user has a seamless experience using multiple communication channels. Customers can work with your company on their preferred channels through several media.

Below are some of the most popular cases of email leverage for SMS.





A reminder provides a good example of how SMS can improve your existing customer communications plan. If a booking confirmation is received from your customers, sending another email maybe over-kill the day before or on the day before their appointment, journey or reservation. Clients who receive a notice cannot, unfortunately, show up, which means that their income is lost. A concise SMS can be the ideal time to check and follow through on their calendar.

Alerts SMS can be an excellent way to notify your customers and account holders immediately if security measures have been implemented in their account, if an announcement is made about public security and if an update is provided to the neighbourhood. After changing your e-mail or your password on an online account you may have received similar text messages in the past. These alerts are not just customers’ requests, they are anticipated. The SMS API even enables you to revisit updates such as weekly accounts, if your clients wish.


A confirmation message is a crucial message for many customers that you wish to receive once you place an order online or update your account. It lets customers know that their order has been received or that their changes to their account have been accepted. What if the customer does not use his e-mail address anymore? Or maybe the confirmation is not sent correctly to the inbox? You may add an additional communication layer with an SMS and text your customers’ confirmation.


As a reminder, a message is a perfect improvement of your email. If a shipment has been sent or if an order is available for collection, it may be unwelcome or inappropriate to send an email to your customers. An SMS may be the ideal way to communicate an update to your customers in real-time in such situations. A mobile device is always available for most people, making the SMS report still more valuable if you want to immediately communicate with customers.


SMS marketing, known as “text marketing,” is a favourite for highly receptive audiences, unparalleled open rates and convenience ( 90 per cent of all text messages are read within 3 seconds). An SMS can create a sense of urgency and immediately inspire action if a timely deal is reached. You can also make your standard one-way outbound marketing a two-way conversation.

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