Apartment Promotions - Residential Welfare Association (RWA) in India

Apartment Promotions / Product promotions in gated community

In India, Apartment promotions RWA activations are one of the most effective ways to offer products or services to end-users. This strategy allows us to deliver the appearance and feel of the products, which is not feasible with ATL activations. To market the brand, the target demographic may be readily identified and approached.

This is a good alternative for brands with B2C clientele.

1. Activity of Sampling

2. Brand Recognition

3. Product Exhibit

4. Customer interaction with the product/service

5. Kiosk Product Sales

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RWA Activation

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RWA’s advertising agency

With over 1000+ (RWA) apartment tie-ups in each location, Brand Profesor is a prominent BTL service provider in the country.

We assist you in analyzing your product/service and determining your target audience based on brand positioning.

RWA advertising options

Residential Options for Display Promotions

1. Standees in the Club House and Walk Zone

2. Digital Display Ads

3. Email Blast for community members

4. Notice Board Ads

5. Whatsapp Blast for community members

6. Paper Insertion for community members

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Residential Options for Event Promotions

1. Kiosk Display

2. Backdrop/Mini Stage Display

3. Crowd Engagement Activity

4. Product Display

5. Flee Markets


There are several advantages to using RWA advertising.

For example, in the

1.FMCG sector, they can exhibit their items at a kiosk and conduct a sale and sample activity, which will aid in brand recognition and let customers to experience the product’s qualities.

2. Automobiles – They can display their products for a thorough walk-around by a sales representative from the relevant brand – Promotion and sale/exchange campaign

3. Banking – They can set up a modest kiosk with a brand representative to discuss the benefits of banking goods and services in order to generate leads.

4. Real Estate – A weekend lead generation campaign with a kiosk can be implemented on campus.

5. Technology – Apps Download campaign can be conducted in order to generate traffic to the products/services.

and much more

Process of RWA activity

1. We begin by gathering specific requirements from the brands, such as product/service kind, campaign agenda, promotion location, and frequency of promotion.

2. We select the RWA and obtain the necessary rights for activation.

3. We create the marketing collateral needed for the promotions by designing and producing it.

4. We supply staff such as promoters and crowd hosts (anchors) to ensure that the activity is conducted professionally.

5. We will provide lead generation and campaign reporting.

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