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Bus Advertisements / Bus Branding

In metropolitan areas, buses are the most common and convenient means of transportation. In India, around 1.6 million buses are registered, and the public bus industry operates 170,000 buses every day, transporting roughly 70 million people.

Outdoor or out-of-home advertising includes bus branding (OOH advertising). Bus branding is defined as the use of public or private buses to promote a specific brand or service. Posters on buses, bus wraps, rear panel ads, ads on bus seats, and ads on LED screens installed inside the buses are all used to brand the buses.

Over time, bus branding has changed. Previously, public-interest messages and government programmes were only advertised on buses or at bus stops. However, with private businesses providing local and interstate bus routes, outdoor advertising settings have shifted. On buses and bus shelters, we may now view adverts for many businesses and services. Advertisers make bus branding an important aspect of their outdoor advertising efforts when weighing the impact of transit advertising.

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Bus Branding

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Bus Branding advertising agency

With over 15 years of experience in the advertising sector, Brand Profesor is a pan-India marketing and advertising agency for all advertising projects. In India, we are well-known for our Bus Branding. We recognise the value of branding and advertising, and we can help you present your best self to potential clients and gain an advantage over your competition by providing you with unique tailor-made solutions on Bus Advertising in India.

Bus Branding Advertising options

1. We are tied up with all the State Bus Transportation in India.
2. Monthly contract and Yearly contract is available for the service
3. Inside and Outside Bus Branding Available
Body Portion: Inside and Outside Bus
344”x18” (Driver Side)
114”x18” & 171”x 18” (Passenger Side)
6’x3 ½’ (Back Panel)
Driver Seat Back: 2’x2’
Passenger Seat Back: 11.5”x 8.5” x 28 Numbers.
Side Glasses: 11 Numbers

Bus Branding Display Options for Promotions

Example: BMTC Buses – Bangalore – Karnataka
Body Portion: Outside Bus
Driver Side : 2’ x 20’ : Passenger Side : 2’ x 20’ : Back Panel : 4’x 3’


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There are several advantages to using Bus Branding advertising.

Buses have long been India’s most common mode of transportation, whether private or public. They are the most popular means of transportation across the country because of the low ticket prices and the fact that they operate in practically every neighbourhood of each city.

REACH – The first and most important reason for bus branding is its reach. Buses may be found in almost every place in India’s cities and states. As a result, anything advertised on the buses reaches a large range of potential customers.

DIVERSE AUDIENCE – Buses are utilised by people in both the economy and the business class, so you can target a large range of people at once. For example, if your brand is a luxury brand, you can advertise in Volvo and other private buses, however, if your brand is a value brand, such as a water purifier or a haircare brand, you must advertise on local buses.

HIGH EXPOSURE – Consumers are exposed to an advertised brand for a longer amount of time due to traffic jams, traffic signals, and dwell time at bus stops, as opposed to other mediums that only play advertising for a limited time. Because of the significant exposure, the consumer’s mind is instantly drawn to the advertised brand when making a purchase.

COST-EFFECTIVE – Bus branding, unlike cab branding in India, is a particularly cost-effective outdoor advertising medium since the brand is on the move, covering numerous areas, including outside city limits, a diversified audience, and different hours for a lengthy period of time.

EYE-CATCHING – Whether on buses or at bus stops, the advertisements are usually huge, beautiful, and colourful, attracting more attention than hoardings and billboards positioned above eye level.

If done correctly, bus branding may have a huge impact on sales, brand awareness, and brand memory for any product or service. A firm that wants to reach the masses should use bus branding. Bus branding is a type of covert advertising in which the advertisements blend in with the consumer’s daily routine rather than interrupting it.

Process Of Bus Branding


Select the “Media” option. This might be the entire bus exterior or the entire bus interior.


Confirm the Number of buses to be taken.


Choose the Bus Depot depending on which areas to target.


Design the artwork in AI, EPS or CDR Format.


Upon confirmation of availability from our end, you need to submit the artwork and make the payment.

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