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India’s leading radio advertising agency is Brand Profesor. We assist marketers in finding the most cost-effective prices and plans for their radio advertising. We are also a recognized All India Radio advertising agency. We can assist you with advertising on both private and government FM radio stations.

In India, there is a lot of talk about FM radio advertising.

FM Radio advertising in India began with the inauguration of Radio City Bangalore, India’s first private FM radio station, on July 3, 2001. Previously, only All India Radio, or AIR, carried radio content and advertisements in India. Radio advertising accounts for about ten per cent of total marketing spend worldwide, but it accounts for less than five per cent of marketing spend in India.

Radio Mirchi, Radio One, Red FM, Radio Fever, and FM AIR Rainbow are some of India’s most popular FM stations. In India, there are roughly 80 FM stations spread across the country’s cities. Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Mumbai are major FM radio markets.


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The following is a list of time bands for adson FM radio, as well as their proportional costs:

Band Name Explanation Advertising Cost
1 Morning Prime Time Morning 7am – 12 noon Premium charged
2 Evening Prime Time Evening 5pm – 9pm Premium charged
3. Afternoon band 12 Noon to 5 pm Normal Pricing
We can assist you in ads on FM radio stations in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, as well as the other 80 locations where FM radio ads is available. You may be certain of the finest FM Radio ads pricing when working with Brand Profesor because we have extensive tie-ups across all FM stations in India, including Radio Mirchi, Red FM, AIR, Radio Fever, Radio Indigo, Suryan FM, and Radio One, among others.

Advertising on FM Radio Has Its Benefits

There are numerous benefits to advertising on FM radio. Advertisers choose FM Radio as a medium for advertising for the following reasons:
Local targeting is a benefit of FM radio advertising. One can reach out to a single city by playing an advertisement on FM. For example, if a company wants to target exclusively Delhi NCR via FM radio, it can choose only Radio Mirchi Delhi or Red FM. Delhi
Advertising on FM radio allows you to reach a listener several times. According to studies, a consumer must hear an advertisement 4-5 times before taking action or forming an opinion. For high-frequency marketing efforts, FM radio advertising offers a significant advantage. In a single FM Radio advertising campaign, an advertiser can employ many jingles. FM Radio Advertising has one of the lowest costs per reach.

Radio Samples

Advertising on the radio has a set schedule.

FM Every night, the radio ads schedule for the following day is planned. If an advertiser submits the jingle by 4 p.m., the campaign can begin the next day. The ads section of FM stations is closed on weekends.

Radio Jingles

Options for advertising on FM radio

Option Explanation
1 Jingle advertising The most often used medium for FM radio ads. A radio jingle, which can last anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes, is played. Jingle ads rates are the lowest of all the radio advertising media possibilities.
2 RJ Mention A popular type of FM radio ads that is subtle. On the radio, RJs discuss the brand. Advertisements on radio FM via RJ mentions are charged at a premium by FM stations.
3 Sponsorship tag Brands can support a popular radio show by sponsoring it. As part of the FM Radio ads package, FM stations supply sponsorship tags for free.
4 Radio Contest FM Radio listeners who engage in contests hosted by popular RJs on their radio shows can win gifts from brands. This is a unique FM radio ads type that costs more than standard FM radio ads.
5 Time Check On FM radio, brands can sponsor a time check. Long-term marketers will benefit from this FM advertising format.
6 Studio Shift RJs from radio stations can come to the advertiser’s location to cover the event. This is one of the more expensive FM Radio advertising options, with radio stations charging a significant premium over the usual card rate.
7 Roadblock Brands can choose to have only their advertisements broadcast for a certain amount of time. This FM advertising option allows firms to reach out to customers in a less crowded radio environment. Advertisers pay a premium over the usual FM radio advertising fee because this is a premium advertising option.

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Advertising on FM Radio: Best Practices

1. Attempt to get your ad closer to the radio program’s ad breaks.
2. Choose your FM radio ads time slot based on your target audience’s listening habits.
3. In a radio campaign, use a variety of jingle lengths to build impact and then to maintain consistency.
4. Request freebies from the radio station, such as brand mentions by the RJ.
5. Do not purchase a rate card for FM ads. Request lower pricing from your radio station.

Proof of an FM Radio Ad Campaign’s Execution

Advertisers and radio ads agencies can get a timetable from FM radio stations. The ad time schedule specifies the exact hour at which the advertisement will be broadcast on FM and is made accessible to the advertiser ahead of time.
FM stations issue a Radio ad broadcast certificate as proof of execution at the end of the campaign.
Radio stations supply recordings upon request For RJ mentions and other FM ads opportunities.

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Ads in FM is expensive - Radio

FM The radio rate is expressed as the cost of a single 10-second advertisement on that particular radio station. The cost of FM ads ranges from Rs 50 per 10 seconds to Rs 2,500 per 10 seconds. The cost of FM ads is determined by the number of listeners and the time slot in which advertisements are broadcast. Radio Mirchi Delhi, Red FM Mumbai, Radio Fever Mumbai, Radio Indigo Bangalore, Radio City Hyderabad, Radio One Pune, and Radio Suryan FM Chennai are just a few of India’s most popular FM stations, both among listeners and advertisers.

The Radio Ads Rate Card is shared by FM Radio stations. Discounted FM radio ads rates are then shared based on the volume of the ads campaign. Work with your radio ads firm to get a better deal on FM radio advertising. To check the FM Radio Ads Card Pricing as well as the best discounted FM Radio Ads rate, please select the city and station of your choosing.

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