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TV Advertisements In India,

Television ads is the most common kind of advertising. Television advertising is popular because, of all the media verticals, it has the lowest cost per reach. Advertisement rates on Indian television are expressed in terms of ads rates per ten seconds. There are specialized television advertising organizations that can assist you in obtaining a reduced charge for television advertising cards. A brand may reach out to the entire country of India in one go by airing an advertisement on television. Television commercials have the added benefit of being able to reach out to users many times. The impact of a television commercial is greater than that of other media because it engages two of a person’s senses: eyes and hearing.

In India, television is broadcast in homes via cable and direct to home (DTH). DTH advertising is also a viable option for television commercials. Advertisers can place ads with well-known DTH providers such as Tata Sky, Airtel DTH, and Videocon DTH.

Video commercials, scrollers, Aston bands, teleshopping, and L bands are some of the media possibilities for advertising on television.

BARC publishes data on TV viewership in India. Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) is a group of broadcasters, advertisers, and advertising and media companies that work together through their apex organizations.


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Television advertising options

For TV commercials, video ads are the most common medium. L Band, Scrollers, and Aston Bands are three innovative television advertising possibilities. Most TV stations provide free sponsorship tags to marketers when they book a TV campaign. The cost of creative television media alternatives is higher than that of traditional advertisements. Another prominent television advertising approach is content integration.

The Aston Band 

While the content is being played, Aston Band is a flash ad that plays at the bottom of the screen. The cost of the Aston Band on television is higher than other formats since Aston Band TV advertising are broadcast alongside programming.

The L-Band

L bands are L-shaped advertisements that appear on TV while the material is being broadcast. L Band ads are more expensive than conventional ads because they are played during the programme.

FCT Advertising on a Regular Basis

These are the typical television commercials we watch. They’re the most common TV ad format, and they’re shown throughout commercial breaks. On the site, you may find rates for typical TV commercials.

Advertisement for Scrollers

The ad keeps scrolling from one end to the other in News Channels on television, which is a common format. Scroller advertisements are commercials that run for a brief period of time and have different rates depending on the channel

Advertisement for teleshopping

Teleshopping advertisements on television take the form of shows and are mostly used to sell. Teleshopping advertisements might last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Teleshopping advertisements are broadcast during off-peak hours and are a low-cost kind of television advertising.


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Advertisement format for television commercials


Advertisers must supply their commercial in.mov format in order for it to be played on television. The video ad for television commercials is different depending on the TV station. However, most of the channels’ ad formats may be found in the table. The following ad format is compatible with Star HD and the majority of India’s main television channels.

Container MXF for XDCAM HD422
Bit rate type CBR
Video Codec XD CAM HD 422
Video bit rate 50 Mbit/s
Width 1920
Height 1080
Frames per second (i) 50 or (p) 25
Aspect Ratio 16:9 (Full Frame only)
Audio Codec PCM and Dolby E
Bits per sample 24 bits; Dolby E always 20
# of Audio channels 4 tracks as per 1.2
Audio sample rate 48 kHz

Television advertising has a number of advantages.

Television is the most popular advertising medium among all advertisers. It is every brand’s goal to get their advertisement broadcast on television. A brand’s credibility is enhanced by television advertising. The cost per reach of television advertising is quite low. Through advertising on TV, one can engage with clients in a very exciting way using the video style of adverts. Television is the most successful advertising medium for advertisers who wish to reach out to all of India. Brands may also integrate their products with the programmes, making it less obtrusive to reach out to their target audience.

Monitoring and audience participation Television advertisements

BARC charges a fee for television watching and ad monitoring in India. Broadcast Audience Research Council is an acronym for Broadcast Audience Research Council. BARC is a trade organisation tasked with developing, commissioning, supervising, and owning an accurate, dependable, and timely television audience measuring system for India. Advertisers might request that their television advertising agency offer them with the reach and effectiveness of television for their ad campaigns. BARC also keeps track of when your commercials aired on television.

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